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Work to rule protest by CEB Engineers’ Union

It is reported the CEB Engineers’ Union is threatening to go on a partial strike – work to rule, which doesn’t appear to be a strike. The ‘Work to Rule’ by other trade unions such as the GMOA demanding wage increases embarrasses the government.

In this case, the CEB Engineers’ Union is accusing the authorities for the non-responsive attitude with regard to their proposals on executing Long Term Generation plants and Liqueified Natural Gas (LNG) power plants.

The serious allegation appears when it says CEB authorities show a lethargic attitude to install a long term power generation plants but are interested in plans to buy electricity from profiteering private companies and gain commissions. This question of approving the Long Term, Least Cost Generation Plant has been going on for years with no solution due to PUCSL interferences and also various consultants and experts advising the President, the Prime Minister and the Minister for Power and Energy separately, pulling in different directions.

The CEB Engineers’ Union appears to be genuinely interested in serving its consumers, help the national economy and also its own establishment (CEB) by pressurising the authorities to accept the Generation plant.

When will this tug-of-war end?

G. A. D. Sirimal


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