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UNP wins Chilaw Urban Council chairmanship

The United National Party (UNP) was able to seal the victory at the Chilaw Urban Council (CUC) yesterday with Thushan Abeysekera of the UNP being elected as the chairman. He was elected with five additional votes with SLFP candidate Sadukul Ameen securing the Vice Chairmanship.

SLFP candidate Hilary Prasanna was nominated for the Chairman by the Sri Lanka Podujana Permauna (SLPP). Thushan received votes of seven UNP members and seven SLFP members, while Hilary Prasanna got the votes of himself and six SLPP members.

Thushan is the son of Sisira Abeysekera, the UNP organiser for Chilaw.

The voting combining the UNP and the SLFP was conducted with the knowledge of the leadership of the parties, SLFP MP, Highways State Minister Dilan Perera said.

The CUC consists of seven representatives of the UNP, six from the SLFP and six from SLPP and a JVP member.

The JVP candidate abstained from voting. 


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