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Music means family

Sasaren Aa Mithura is a heartwarming and beautiful tale of a father and son. Fathers and sons have a special relationship. It is the beauty of this relationship that the story tries to bring out. It is an unforgettable tale that shows the purity of love, and the trust fathers and sons place in each other. Though the specter of death comes into the tale, this is a love forever. Melodies spoke to Methunshanka Suduweli Kondage who wrote, composed, scripted and sung the song.

“Well, basically Sasaren Aa Mithura was written, composed, scripted and sung by me. You can hear my voice, words and melody and see a story I wrote inspired by a legend we know. This was more like a debut to me, no one in the industry actually knew me, they still wouldn’t know me but I’m sure almost all of them now know of Sasaren Aa Mithura. We as a team have been very successful with what we produced, and it had made a lot of people tear up so far, which I actually didn’t expect but it’s very surprising to hear its reception,” said Kondage.

The song was inspired by a true story and it is no surprise that it has made people tear up because it speaks of family and the importance of family and family is your first priority.

“The father who is one of my closest friends, had this amazing little champ, who was very much more advanced than kids nowadays, with full of love and life. His loss at the age five and a half, changed the lives of his parents and a lot more around them. He was a beacon to everyone, showing a righteous path in life, It is him who we all now know as “Sasaren Aa Mithura.” This song was a request the father made to me, which in turn has inspired a thousand souls and stories with similarity,” explained Kondage.

Selecting the roles for a story which such depth and such promise, it was important that they really found the right people.

“Well, for the role of the little boy, we were very lucky to find Edrian, He was a last minute change because the boy we chose couldn’t make it eventually. He was indeed a huge blessing for us.Then the father’s character was portrayed by Bimal Jayakody. The moment we came up with the script we didn’t know anyone else suitable for that character other than for him, he is indeed the best actor in SL to portray the father. It wasn’t easy to reach him either since he doesn’t act in Music videos, yet we were so lucky to somehow get hold of him which he in turn volunteered to do that character after being so emotional affected with its story,” pointed out Kondage

However this is not a one man effort. So many people came into this. So many people contributed to its success.

“This video was shot during a real alms giving ceremony and was done with no disturbance to the honorable bhikkus what so ever, we are so very grateful and blessed to have them. Other than my role of the whole production. The Music to this song was created by the talented twins Sarith and Surith Jayawardena. The video was directed and cinematographed by the duo Vishwa Balasooriya and Wasawa Baduge. The song was produced by the father who inspired us to do all this Chinthaka Ubeyratne,” said Kondage

These are songs that are the lifeblood of the music industry and can revitalize the lives of people who come into contact with it.

“Well yes we definitely need more songs that carry a meaning, songs that could make the listeners think and emotional, Making a song is easier now more than it had ever been, that’s probably why we see songs published at a huge rate nowadays, I guess everyone is trying to be famous by hitting the mass market but none of them are concentrating on developing the perception of the majority,” said Kondage

"Blissful Minds, is a non- profit charity opened and run in memory of the little champ by his family and friends. We help out a lot of kids with minimal resources and facilities. You too can be a part of us catch us on Facebook and Instagram Blissful Minds."

“Also I want to thank everyone who is there for me, specially my parents and family, I’ve got an amazing bunch friends too. My next song will be out next month so stay in touch, that video has a small twist to what you always see as well,” summed up Kondage. 

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