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Eka Dawasaka Api completes 60 days of screening

The well known film producer who has produced the highest number of movies in the recent past, 16 Movies in just four years - Dr. Arosha Fernando’s latest movie production ‘Eka Dawasaka Api’ successfully completed 60 days of screening in cinemas on April 1. It is directed by the award winning film director Anuruddha Jayasinghe and released on the CEL Film Circuit.

“Initially we have never expected the movie to be screened for 50 days or more as most of the movies released recently did not manage to get even close to 30 days. I guess apart from the standard of the movie production and the attraction of the movie to the film lovers, this success was achieved with the support we have received from the CEL Film Circuit,” said Dr. Arosha.

“We commenced work of the movie only last year in mid April, and got successfully screened in a record time of just 10 months in early February this year. This is the first time a movie was released in just 10 months,” Dr. Arosha added.

Dr. Arosha was recently appointed to the board of MPI Film Circuit as a Director after acquiring the shares of veteran film director Sunil Soma Peiris.


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