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Northerners tell UN:


Massive demo in Kilinochchi
US trying to revive separatism
Northerners protesting in Killinochchi yesterday.

Thousands of people in the Northern Province yesterday voiced anger over the subtle maneuvers engineered by the international community including the United Nations Organization to meddle in the internal affairs of sovereign states such as Sri Lanka with an ulterior motive of disrupting the peaceful environment in the country.

Northerners protesting in Killinochchi yesterday.
These people representing five districts in the province thronged the Killinochchi town voluntarily to voice their opposition against the international community that they say are conspiring to undermine Sri Lanka’s progress in the aftermath of 30 years of protracted war.

They stressed that all communities got together and fought for the country’s independence from British colonial rule and there are no issues which cannot be resolved through discussion with the Sri Lankan government.

They asked as to why the United States and the Western countries were attempting to barge into the internal affairs of Sri Lanka at a time when these countries are aiding and abetting massive crime and human rights violations in Syria, Afganisthan and Pakistan.

The crowd shouted slogans against the conspiracy being hatched by some Western countries led by the United States with the help of the UNO.

A former LTTE cadre who was in the top rank of the terrorist outfit said that the United States is trying to sow the genesis of separatism and terrorism on Sri Lankan soil by bringing a resolution against the country which has started arising from the debris of 30 years conflict.

Addressing the protestors, he said the government led by President Mahinda Rajapaksa is capable of solving the country’s issues and the country does not require any international support in this respect. He said the people in the province are living in peace and harmony and requested the international community and their local lackeys not to betray the Tamil people and their grievances to achieve their petty objectives.

Another person who identified himself as a graduate said that the government has brought the dividends of development to all parts of the province. He said he was conscripted to the LTTE when he was schooling.

“I was rehabilitated by the government and now I can stand on my own feet, ” he said. He stressed that the Tamil people do not want any support from the international community to solve their problems. “It is the government which can solve our issues and we believe that the present government is capable of solving our issues,” he said.


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