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Peradeniya doctors deliver teratoma baby in historic operation

Doctors deliberate before the operation.
Doctors deliberate before the operation.

Peradeniya Teaching hospital doctors were able to deliver a baby suffering from a teratoma tumour after a successful operation.

Doctors say that this is the first time that a successful operation of this nature had been carried out in Sri Lanka.The doctors were successful in removing a part of the tumour enabling the baby to breath.

“The teratoma tumour is located on the neck of the baby which blocks the respiratory tract from the lungs making the baby unable to breath.This tumour does not affect the baby in the mother’s womb, since the baby breaths from the umbilical cord of the mother, Peradeniya teaching hospital Deputy Director Imesh Prathapasinghe said.

The operation had to be done while the baby is connected to the umbilical cord since the baby couldn’t breathe.Therefore, a caesarean was performed to get the head and neck of the baby out while the umbilical cord was connected to the baby. Prof. Mathula Hettiarachchi, Consultant Anaesthetist Dr.Wasanti Pinto, Paediatrician Dr. Pathum Dissanayake, Anaesthetist Dr. Sameera Wasala, ENT Specialist Dr. S.G Athulgama, Radiation Specialist Dr. Jeevani Udupihilla, Specialist Doctors Tharaka Chandrasekara and Kapila Hettiarachchi participated in the operation with the assistance of Sirimavo Bandaranaike children's hospital officials.

Doctors further stated that both the mother and the baby are safe.


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