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UPA bags Sammanthurai, Nintavur PS Chairs

The first sitting of the three new Local Government bodies in the Eastern Province was held on 27.03.2018 at Sammanthurai, Nintavur and Karaitheevu in the Ampara District.

The United People’s Alliance led by M. T. Hasen Ali, former General Secretary to the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress yesterday succeeded in turning the tables by winning Chairmanship positions of Sammanthurai and Nintavur Pradeshiya Sabhas won by the SLMC at the last Local Government election.

The UPA candidates were elected as the heads of Local Government institutions in Sammanthurai and Nintavur although the UPA did not get 51 percent of the seats allotted for the respective institutions.

The United People’s Alliance secured six seats, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress secured six seats and Sri Lanka Freedom Party secured only one seat in the Nintavur Pradeshiya Sabha. SLFP member Y. L. Sulaimalebbe yesterday pledged support to M. A. M. Thahir of the UPA member for the Chair. Thahir secured seven votes in favour while Y. L. Sulaimalebbe was elected the Vice Chairman of the Nintavur Pradeshiya Sabha.

A. M. M. Nawsad was elected as the Chairman of Sammanthurai PS by obtaining 12 votes in favour and 8 votes against. The first sitting of Sammanthurai Pradeshiya Sabha, Karaitheevu Pradeshiya Sabha and Nintavur Pradeshiya Sabha commenced at 9 am, 11.30 am and 2.30 pm yesterday.

Eleven local bodies in the Ampara District, 10 local bodies in the Batticaloa District and 11 local bodies in the Trincomalee District are yet to select heads of Council.


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