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Parents oppose KDU MBBS for all SAITM students

The parents of students in state medical faculties are against the awarding of the KDU (SAITM) MBBS degree to all students absorbed into the Kotelawala Defence University (KDU).

State Medical Students Parents Union Secretary, attorney Gamini Ekanayake said there are 101 unqualified students in SAITM and 40 of them have only Ordinary Level passes while another 28 of them have three simple passes in Advanced level examination (3S).Efforts are being made by a handful of parents to lobby for them to gain a KDU (SAITM) MBBS which does not have SLMC recognition.

“The President is listening to advice offered to him by a few persons who do not have any background or understanding on medical education.One of them is a strong pro-SAITM person. A justifiable framework to solve the SAITM issue by offering qualified students a KDU MBBS degree as proposed by the President himself will not become a reality with these persons,” he said.


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Now an insane attorney who should know better, must accept that KDU admits paid Lond. A/Ls, SAITM admits paid Lond. A/Ls, and State Faculties like Colombo admit on paid foreign quota the Lond. A/Ls for medicine, and some GMOA qualify for postgraduate training in London. This karmic craving craze to destroy others has to be rebuked and renounced in order to live in peace and be reconciled. Not only SAITM but all citizens in SL need integrated wholeness and freedom, not war.

Who gave insanely jealous and moronic so-called state parents to interfere in the education of other parental citizens children in this country, who have been UGC govt. admitted, followed medical course, some have received MBBS, a court verdict to SLMC to register them has been given as SLMC Karl Marx had violated the medical ordinance. All who cant promote medical education should be locked up as contempt of court, as SAITM are now ONE CLASS and cannot be further obstructed through division for GMOA business combo to start their own private medical school. GMOA Ex Co should be expelled from SLMC which should be reformed with balanced people of honesty and integrity without TU activists who are allowed to fight for their monetary gains. GMOA should not be allowed to tamper with medical education which is not the role of TU demands. Govt. is judiciary verdict, UGC admitted under then criteria, SLMC govt. statutory body to obey, Executive Presidential cabinet paper signed for affiliation to KDU, bill being passed for KDU legality to affiliate many other subjects apart from medicine so that those qualified without space in 'State' can receive education without running round the world. On return, in medicine, ERPM mafia extract money and fail 85% where as "state" assured 100% pass pushes to make way for next batch. Is this the JUSTICE and the LAW AND ORDER that is the future of SL citizens, now parents trying to eat up other parents as well, delaying course to 10 years while state has 5 years. The real clinical training practice starts at internship which is obstruction delayed by GMOA/unauthorized insanely jealous and wicked parents. Need imprisonment.

Illegal and unauthorized "state parents" trying to make medical education policy must differentiate policy from political betrayals jumping from party to party to stay in power. Medical Ordinance and SLMC Act gives stability to continue with life long objectives in education regardless of which govt. is in power. Once admitted by govt. UGC approval for paid higher education for citizens from many streams of A/L, they can no longer be divided and rejected mid stream by "frog in the well attitude" of money terrorizing ignorant rebel GMOA who don't know to treat patients, but only shout as TU. They have not seen worldwide A/L spectrum, but are only obsessed with the cheating Z score fluctuating island wide. The A/L Diploma called International Baccalaureate, highly esteemed world wide for medical entry, includes the same subjects as London A/L and taught in many British Schools globally. There are standard A/L subject score points, our muscle power GMOA in their Sinhala focus is ignorant about, where as Grero program is about teaching even Buddhism in English for it to spread in the region. Judicial help will be sought when trying to split already admitted One Class SAITM students to KDU under equal protection of the law, which equates many A/L streams. Thug GMOA must stop trying to grab these highly trained SAITM for their illegal private med. school, and grab some new gullible Z scores to cheat out now and ERPM fail them later, when they discover it too late.

"State Parents" are most unqualified to decide on KDU/SAITM medical education which has authority structure, as some do not have even 5th std. leave alone O/L. Their unwanted opinions based on envy and insecurity, false values and accusations that other parents children have to be destroyed for their own to survive is moronic hatred. Their fears are steeped in competition that money might run out for them if other parents children use their citizenship rights to study in their own land. These "state" don't produce doctors capable of curing patients, but produce the GMOA mafia terrorists, allowed to do full time TU. Who can trust them to heal patients. SL needs loads of mental hospitals with adult education, to get the society into some level of decent behavior, rather than this journey into demonic insanity that they demonstrate at present


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