‘Fraud, corruption turned Sri Lanka into world’s fourth corrupt country’ | Daily News

‘Fraud, corruption turned Sri Lanka into world’s fourth corrupt country’

In a persuasive oration against crime, corruption and fraud, Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake yesterday, said corrupt politicians, judges, lawyers and religious leaders who protect criminals and thieves, should take responsibility for turning Sri Lanka into the fourth most corrupt country in the world. He requested all corruption-free persons to stand together to rescue the country from this catastrophic situation the country had fallen into.

Deputy Minister Ramanayake pointed out that murderers, drug dealers, fraudsters and other persons involved in all sorts of malpractices, have executed their “duty” in the best way possible, where as persons who were to take counter measures against these crimes and corruptions have not executed their responsibilities properly. Ramanayake, pointed out that new laws or amendments against crime and corruption are of no use, unless the judiciary is not free and independent.

Ramanayake, while observing that he already had a case filed against him at the Supreme Court on Contempt of Court, was critical of certain former Chief Justices the country had. “We cannot call lawyers who appear for criminals and thieves good. We feel only ashamed of them.,” he said.

Ramanayake while crediting the lawyers for refraining from appearing for child rapists and killers who murdered a young boy at Halawata recently, pointed out that if the judges execute their responsibilities “with a strong backbone,” they could turn Sri Lanka in to a “paradise.”

“Gotabhaya for example, makes requests to avoid taking him in to custody for any legal inquiry. He, guilty as he is, was requesting for anticipatory bail. Could an ordinary person who steals a coconut or mango, apply for an anticipatory bail? Of course they can’t. So who should be at the receiving end for this? The persons who should be responsible for this plight are the persons who create laws of this nature. The general public wishes ill for all those people who design laws in favour of criminals and fraudsters,” Ramanayake said. 

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