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Vetgrow introduces Sri Lanka’s own milk booster Kiriton

Two visionary local University Academics have created history by pioneering a 100% truly Sri Lankan-made milk booster supplement to increase the daily milk yield received from lactating cows by over 20%.

Credit for this discovery is due to the hard work of two visionaries; Dr. Anura Jayasooriya, Senior Lecturer, Department of Basic Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, University of Peradeniya and Dr. Gamika Prathapasinghe, Senior Lecturer, Department of Livestock and Avian Sciences, Faculty of Livestock, Fisheries and Nutrition, Wayamba Univeristy.

Commenting on their studies and research achievements Dr. Anura Jayasooriya said, “According to our knowledge, a mineral supplement used by farmers, that includes calcium and phosphorus are key factors in determining the milk yield of lactating cows. However, the mineral supplement currently given to these animals contributes to increase the milk production by only 9%.” Dr. Jayasooriya added.

Explaining further Dr. Prathapasinghe, “To study the impact of using Kiriton on lactating cows we selected two dairy farming groups in Ambanpola and Polonnaruwa. We provided them Kiriton and also instructions on using it.

The daily milk yield of lactating cows that were given Kiriton increased between 20-50%, while in some instances records show that cows increased their daily milk yield by more than 50% due to the milk booster.” In addition to this breakthrough, both inventors, Dr. Jayasooriya and Dr. Prathapasinghe are also owners of several other product patents.

With an aim to offer pet animal food supplements and farm animal production enhancers they founded an organisation known as ‘Vetgrow’. Kiriton is manufactured by Vetgrow according to the highest international standards.

Kiriton is available for retail purchase in 500g, 5kg and 10kg packets. Additionally, Kiritonas a milk booster is also obtainable through Dairy Farming Societies and through MILCO. 



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