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Brothel house owners and workers arrested

It was reported that two women who had provided sexual pleasure as a service to men in a brothel house which was situated near to the Magistrate Courts of Hambanthota, were arrested by Anti Narcotics Flying Squad in Tangalle Division last Sunday.

The arrest was done according to a tip-off which was received by the Anti Narcotics Flying Squad in Tangalle. Also, a man who found to be the manager of the said brothel was also arrested by police.

It was further divulged that the two women had engaged in this illegal business for a period of time under the guise of renting rooms for couples. However, at the preliminary investigations, it was also found that these two women had supplied some of the Chinese girls too for their customers. It was also found that the girls were given for pleasure to men in this brothel for the sum of Rs 2,500 and upwards.

The place was raided after a police decoy had gone to the place as a cool customer. However, after having considerable time with one of the beauties, the police decoy had given a tip-off to his team over a mobile phone call to raid the place. The girls who got arrested were identified as the residents in Negombo and Kaduwela.

For further legal proceedings, the suspect women and also the manager of the said brothel had been taken over by the Head Quarter Police Station in Hambanthota. All the suspects were to be produced to the Magistrate Courts in Hambanthota.

The raid was done under the instructions given by the Officer in Charge of Anti Narcotics flying Squad Chief Inspector Wijesinghe. 


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