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New laws in setting up places of worship - Buddhasasana Minister

“Hereafter, no politicians or religious dignitaries would be allowed to set up places of worship at any place within this island as per their personal choice or intentions and existing rules over this matter would be tightened to ensure peace and harmony among communities,” said Kurunegala District UNP Parliamentarian and Buddhasasana Minister Gamini Jayawickrama Perera speaking at a media conference held recently at his Ministry.

The Minister said that he was now asking for views and opinions of religious dignitaries of all faiths in this regard and in the near future, a proper legal procedure would be introduced in Sri Lanka as to how such places of worship should be set up taking the number of families belonging to that particular faith into account in that respective area.

Minister Gamini Jayawickrama Perera said that a well-planned programme would be launched all over the country on the Vesak Fullmoon Poya day this year that falls April 29, to educate school community and general public over the teachings of the Gauthama Buddha, who gifted the sublime Buddhist doctrine which always admonishes its followers non-violence, welfare and reconciliation among all human beings, irrespective of petty ethnic differences.

The Minister said that steps are being taken to commemorate the State Vesak Festival - 2018 at Bingiriya Devagiri Raja Maha Viharaya in the Kurunegala District on a grand scale this year. 


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