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‘Kandy incidents caused huge economic loss’

The recent turmoil in Kandy has caused a tremendous economic loss to the country. The daily influx of tourists has drastically petered out due to this problem, Highways and Higher Education Minister Kabir Hashim said.

The Minister was addressing a meeting attended by members of Mawanella, Hemmathagma and Aranayake Civil Defence Committees held at the Mawanella Divisional Secretariat on March 11.

Minister Hashim said when there is unrest in any part of the country, tourists who visit Sri Lanka are unable to venture out of their hotels. Furthermore, tourist arrivals trickle down due to adverse tour advisories issued by foreign countries to their nationals. This resulted in a corresponding loss of business to hotels and shops posing a threat to their owners and employees, he said.

Recently, there was information that a certain hotel had encountered a cancellation of about thousand bookings on account of the Kandy incident. The loss caused to the country’s economy is common to all citizens, irrespective of their community or religion, he added.

“People would have to encounter additional tax burdens. When this kind of unrest go out of control, innocent people too are dragged in to it causing problems to the entire country. Every one should try to prevent small incidents from mushrooming into big issues by helping the police to maintain law and order in their areas,” he said. 


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