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[CITIZENS' Mail - (13-03-2018)]

To survive in peace and harmony needs a strong unity

Peace and harmony are much important. Everyone who experienced a three-decade of war knows it. First of all every individual, regardless of religion, and race, should realize that we are all humans with the circulation of red blood in our veins. Then, why is this disparity and hatred towards one person to another?

To one’s conscience, if someone is practising his or her religion he or she should love the fellow beings. It is not just worshipping, going to the holy places and strict towards their religious rules, indeed, which are absurd and shame for the religion one practices. According to all the religions, killing is prohibited and a sin. Inadvertently, it brings animosity to the entire nation.

Significantly, the recent incident, the burning news, which had taken place in Digana, Teldeniya, was the cold-blooded massacre. Beyond that, it made everyone’s heart pounding whether it is going to be an outbreak of ethnic riot. Further, once the precious life is taken, that cannot be brought back. Regrettably, only the affected family has to bear the whole loss and the pain forever. Even the public and the social the media, will not bother on a long run. That is the nature.

Human life is precious more than anything else in the world. So everyone should respect, value and treat with humanitarianism. Be that as it may, there are many ways to negotiate and settle any problem instead of punishing or revenging anyone by killing.

Once the system is collapsed, it is a strenuous job to put the disturbed equilibrium right. If everyone realizes that we are Sri Lankans, most of the problems will be solved. Undoubtedly, we are all brothers and sisters of this nation. So it is a duty and responsibility of every citizen to let the country remain in peace and harmony for marching to the thriving development. Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.

Subjana Jeyaseelan

Vavuniya Campus 


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