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Beauty with a purpose

With an experience spanning over three decades Sakisanda Hair and Beauty Professional, Kaluthara, offers a variety of beauty related treatments from haircuts to bridals, manicures and pedicures for brides.

In an industry which has salons mushrooming in every nook and corner of the country Nilani de Silva Jayasinghe has proven her mettle in the field. A NVQ Level 4 (2007) qualifier and a product of City and Guilds (2007), she has also done a salon management course the same year.

She has started off her passion for the hair and beauty field by doing a course on hair cutting and beauty culture in 1987 at the Asia Lanka Hotel School. Nelu Henanayake has inspired her to engage in the field and take her passion as a profession.

She began her venture on a small scale at home. Soon offers came her way and she even rendered her service to the salons at Riverina Hotel, Beruwela, and Neptune Hotel, Beruwala. She took over the salon at Riverina Hotel on lease and spearheaded the work there for four years. Meantime she got offers to teach at the Asia Lanka Hotel School on hair cutting and beauty culture. She nurtured many a budding beautician and spread the good word about the hair and beauty field.

Nilani has done a degree on hair and beauty in Thailand as well. She had taken part in beauty courses in India and Malaysia as well to update her knowledge about the latest trends in the hair and beauty field. Her latest venture is taking part in a course in Thailand where she won an award for completing it successfully. Nilani has also taken part in beauty related workshops in Germany.

“The hair and beauty industry is ever changing. You need to keep constant contact about the latest happenings in the field to excel in the sector. Experience is a must. Many clients have come to me to correct mistakes made by young beauticians who have set up salons with minimal knowledge and experience,” she said.

She said that the newest thing she has come upon while taking part in international courses is the method of layering and straightening hair in one go. She says that reddish and brownish tones of hair colour are in at the moment. She also does ear piercing and designs flower bouquets for brides.

“My daughter-in-law Iresha Gunatileke takes over the salon after me. She too is a NVQ Level 4 (2007) qualifier and has a flair for hair and beauty,” Nilani explained.

Apart from being a successful beauty expert Nilani is also a JP. She is a former member of SLAHAB and a member of the Wedding Suppliers Association.

Pictures by Thushara Fernando


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