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Symphony of the soul

At the concert presented by the Albert A. Page Foundation concert – An evening of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Piano Concertos KV 414, 413 and 415 featuring Louis Page and Principal Members of the Chamber Music Society of Colombo we heard some very beautiful music. Yet listening carefully, each of us heard something very different and personal.

Louis Page Jr. is a Sri Lankan- American pianist. He was a gifted pianist from a very early age. He gave his first American recital in Los Angeles in 2002. He is a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts. That is Louis Page the man - an incredibly gifted pianist. That was obvious when listening to him playing at the concert.

Yet at the concert we got to know his soul. We listened to the man behind the music. We heard his sensitivity. We heard his concentration. While hearing the enchanting music, we also listened to his soul. Those of us sensed his concentration. We heard his mind working.

We all listened to something else as well. We listened to Mozart. He was there with us as well. We listened to him through Page. He was there in memory. He was there in song. It was like he was there, sitting next to us with a smile on his face. Seeing, though dead physically. Seeing how much pleasure his music was giving.

The music made by him was emerging through Page’s soul. Mozart and Louis Page were for a while one person. And we felt Mozart through Page’s music. It was like we were all transported through time to Mozart’s day and age. That really was how good the music was that evening.

Time in that hall had suddenly stopped. We were in a timeless void only to be disturbed by the internal. Then we were suddenly back in the Lionel Wendt. And Mozart was gone. But then again he was there again when the concert resumed.

Every concert is different because you hear the man or woman behind the music. That is what you truly listen to, the soul behind the music.

The music was ethereal and it was so harmonious. The performers all really worked in unison. It really was marvelous to watch. Music is a universal language because it speaks to your soul. It is that connection with the music maker and the listener because your souls are connected, not the mind. Music is in your soul. The mind hears but the soul listens.

Listening and hearing are two different things. Your mind hears and your brain hears but only your soul can listen to music. And when your soul listens, you hear a very different music.

We all listened to how sensitive Page is. We all sensed a certain yearning within him. Perhaps he himself did not realize how his soul connected with us that evening. Yes, he may have understood how beautiful the music was that evening, yet he did not realize what insights into life his music would convey to the audience. Because when you are connected by the soul, the listener is able to enter a very different world.

Sitting there in our seats, we were able truly appreciate life. The music opened our hearts, to how big the world is and how the great cosmos holds answers to some of ours biggest questions in life.

And above all the music allowed us the greatest happiness. And that was to get completely lost. Because when you are completely lost, that is when the greatest happiness is, because when you are lost it is marvelous. To get lost in music is so empowering. To get lost in the world is a way of finding the true path.

All of this knowledge is in the music. The instruments merely channel the energy of the performers. They are not engineers using their musical instruments. They are musicians using their minds, bodies and souls. The music is in their souls. The instruments merely channel it.

Those who played alongside were Lakshman Joseph De Saram on the Violin, Cynthia Fernando on the Violin, Ursular Nelius on the Violin, Othman Hassan Majid on the Viola, Magdalena Sas on Violoncello and Nilanthi Weerakoon on contrabass with Artistic Director Tedd Joselson.

They all made that could only be attributed to sheer talent. That evening everyone at the Lionel Wendt was treated to something really special and splendid.

Of course this is not to say that Page is of the same caliber as that of Mozart. To claim to be as great as the great Mozart one needs to be really something! But one has the privilege to be given the opportunity to invite Mozart into one’s soul and through that, bring to life Mozart’s music.

Yes the music was lovely to listen to but so was the soul. Outside the Lionel Wendt it was a warm night. What a lovely way to end the concert at night. With a myriad of stars are spread out through the heavens. Looking at them you can get lost and confused. And that is what music does. It allows you to become lost. What a concert it was! A truly memorable one! A truly classy performance! Some of the greatest in music! 


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