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Computer society condemns ethnic violence

Yasas Abeywickrama
Yasas Abeywickrama

President - Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL) Yasas Vishuddhi Abeywickrama said that they strongly condemn the actions of those who spread hatred, encourage violence and conduct acts of terror against any community.

“As such, we request the authorities to urgently intervene and prevent such incidents from ever taking place in the future.”

CCSL says that as the national association for IT professionals is reaching out to all IT professionals and the general public in a common voice to spread this message regarding the recent ethnic disturbances and social media blackout in Sri Lanka.

The IT industry of Sri Lanka today is famous for producing world-class leaders, entrepreneurs and products. This success comes due to professionals and many who work tirelessly regardless of race, religion and ethnicity. “We are successful because each of us from varying backgrounds works together as one team. By embracing diversity, we can proudly say that Sri Lanka is a diverse land of innovation and ingenuity.”

As such, in these turbulent times, we as IT professionals must play our part. Confront any incidents of racial or religious discrimination immediately. Speak about the importance of diversity among our fellow colleagues,” he said.


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