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Trump threatens with tariffs on European cars

US President Donald Trump has once more attacked the EU over trade barriers and threatened to slap a tax on imports of European cars. His comments come amid fears of a trade war over new US steel and aluminum tariffs.

US President Donald Trump has upped the ante in an ongoing row over trade tariffs, saying that if the European Union did not lower its trade barriers on US products, he would consider introducing import tariffs for European cars, adding, "We're gonna tax Mercedes-Benz, we're gonna tax BMW."

Trump said on Twitter that the EU had objected to plan new import tariffs on steel and aluminum while itself imposing "horrific" trade barriers on US products.

Such import taxes on cars would be especially problematic for Germany, a German foreign trade expert said on Sunday.

"Tariffs on cars would have very different consequences for Germany than tariffs on steel," Gabriel Felbermayr of the Munich-based ifo economic institute told the Sunday edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.



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