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Female reps in LG Councils up by 29 percent: CaFFE

The female representation in many of the Local Government Councils has increased by 29 percent which is an exceptional achievement, Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) Executive Director Keerthi Tennakoon said.

The figure is based on the additional lists provided by the political parties and independent groups to the Election Commission.

CaFFE observed that the female representation at LG Councils had increased from 1 percent to 29 percent, which was cited by them as being significant and exceptional. In addition, 325 of 340 councils have fulfilled the minimum requirement of 25 percent female representation.

Only 15 Local Government Councils have failed to fulfil the required proportion of 25 percent female representation, CAFFE observed.

Kotagala, Peduruthuduwa, Mannar, Musali, Werugal, Trincomalee Town and Kadawath, Thambalagamuwa, Muttur, Wanathawilluwa, Kateyithiw, Padiyatalawa, Tirukkowil, Manmuneyi Municipal Councils and Trincomalee and Kinniya Urban Councils are among them..

CaFFE noted that 2,526 female representatives have been selected to the LG Councils at the 2018 local government election. 8,721 council members were elected at the LG election 2018. Of the 17, 128 female candidates who competed in the election, 535 have won their electorates.

The additional lists submitted by political parties and independent groups have proposed 1,991 females as council members. The United National Party records the inclusion of the highest number of female representatives. 


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