Blazed hotel repaired within 12 hours in Anamaduwa | Daily News

Blazed hotel repaired within 12 hours in Anamaduwa

A hotel owned by a Muslim businessman in Anamaduwa which had been destroyed due to a fire, had been repaired within 12 hours by the traders association, politicians, religious leaders and well-wishers of the area.

The hotel was opened within 12 hours after it was set ablaze by a group who arrived on motorbicycles the previous night.

The hotel was opened with those involved in the rebuilding being treated to kevum, kiribath and other delicacies by its owner yesterday evening.

It is reported that around 300 people had volunteered to rebuild the hotel.

Parliamentarians Palitha Range Bandara, Priyankara Jayaratne and politicians from all major political parties in the area and religious leaders of all faiths had joined both in restoring the hotel and in its opening. 

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