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Recent events in Kandy district

Faizer calls for Presidential Commission

Minister Faiszer Musthapha in Kandy
Minister Faiszer Musthapha in Kandy

Provincial Councils and Local Government Minister Faiszer Musthapha condemning the recent incidents that occurred in the Kandy District, called for an an independent Presidential Commission of Inquiry to be appointed immediately to seek out and apprehend those responsible for these events.

In a statement to the media, the Minister also called on the government to actively work on implementing mechanisms to compensate all those affected by the violence.

“I am viewing these incidents that occurred, not from the stand point of race, rather as a Sri Lankan,” he said.

“Our brave men and women of the forces sacrificed their lives to free the island from the grips of terror, so that we, the people could live in peace and harmony under one flag as Sri Lankan’s. It is unfortunate that some of us have not learnt the lessons of the past and are still acting on the basis of race and religion.”

“It was evident that there was a hidden political hand, playing an active role in the events that led up to Kandy for narrow political gains. It was clear that these events were used as a political platform to spew religious hate, racism and also to instil fear. I strongly condemn these attempts to shine a negative light upon the country within the international arena, along with the crude ploy to destabilise the country.

I request these individuals to not betray our beloved motherland for petty political gains.”

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