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Village level committees to create inter-religious, ethnic harmony

Buddha Sasana Minister Gamini Jayawickreme Perera said new committees will be established at village level to discuss and taking action regarding the problems faced by various communities and create inter-religious and ethnic harmony.

Addressing a media briefing held in the Ministry premises, he said these committees will comprises religious leaders, government officials, armed forces officials and Police and social workers living in the respective village.

The Committee will meet once a month to provide solutions for the problems faced by all communities living in the village. Then, the problems and issues will be discussed at Committees established at Divisional Secretariat levels with the participation of Divisional Secretariat and other relevant officials in regional level.With the agreement of all concerned parties, any suggestions taken up during the discussion will be further discussed at the district level committees. Finally, these proposals and findings will be brought forward to the President after taking them into consideration of Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic and Muslim affairs Ministers and Secretaries of inter-religious affairs.

The Minister further said the government will bring in laws to provide compulsory education in religious schools to all children in the country to produce more civilised, law abiding and disciplined generation that respect all religious and cultural values.



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