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Vast strides in health sector to benefit masses - Minister

Today no patient dies in Sri Lanka without being able to obtain a stent and no one became blind unable to obtain an eye lens, Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said.

Addressing the National Conference on Recent Health Development Initiatives held at the BMICH in Colombo yesterday he said that before offering heart stents free, only 50 or 60 heart surgeries were done monthly at the Colombo Cardiology Unit but now these numbers have increased up to 450 to 500.

Dr.Senaratne said a less number of heart and cancer patients die because of the decisions made in the health sector. We should make decisions in order to save the lives of innocent poor people. eHealth cards will be issued to all before the end of this year. Once the card is there, the doctor can treat the patient even if the patient is unconscious and cannot explain the illness. The consent to donate organs will be included in the driving licence and once this is ratified, organs of all brain dead persons will be obtained except of persons who declare that he or she does not like to donate organs. The donated organs will be transported by air and eight new air craft will be obtained for this service, Minister Senaratne said.Nearly 2,000 new dialysis units will be installed countrywide for the benefit of kidney patients.


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