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School-going con artists nabbed

A schoolgirl, who had cheated money and valuables belonging to a businessman and fled, was arrested by Athurugiriya Police last Tuesday.

According to police media sources, it was further revealed that the schoolgirl had engaged in this scam with the help of two other boys who had a close relationship with her.

It was also reported that the schoolgirl and the two boys, who were both her lovers, were addicted to drugs such as heroin and cannabis.

According to the police, the girl had found the phone number of a young businessman and had flirted with him over the phone with the intention of cheating.

She had asked to meet him immediately to express her love and had given him the address of a guest house as the meeting place.

After receiving the call, the curious businessman had immediately gone to the place.

However, when he entered the premises, the two boys had knocked him out, taken the money and a gold chain belonging to him and fled with the schoolgirl.

After a complaint was lodged by the businessman, the schoolgirl and one of the boys were arrested by Athurugiriya Police last Tuesday.

The police said the schoolgirl had been under the influence of drugs at the time of arrest.

The schoolgirl and the other suspect are to be produced before courts by Athurugiriya Police.

A team attached to the special unit in Mirihana is investigating.


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