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Meeting to ensure peace

A discussion to ensure harmony among the communities was held with the participation of moulavis and bhikkus at the Malwana Jummah Masjid at Karabugas junction in Malwana yesterday.

This was organised by the youth of the area led by Gampaha district Muslim Federation President Al Haj M.M.A. Ismail.

The chief incumbent of Kanduboda Vivekarama Temple Ven. Parakaduwe Siri Saranankara Thera, Viharadipathi of Wekanda Sri Shanthiyarama Temple Ven. Kadugannawe Piyathilaka Thera, Viharadipathi of Yabaraluwa Temple (Nayana Pansala) Ven. Beligala Amarasiri Thera, Gampaha district Jammiyyathul Ulama President Moulavi M.H.M Lafir and the chief Imam of the mosque Moulavi M.M.A. Hassan led the discussion.

Several matters relating to the current situation were cordially discussed.

Biyagama PS Chairman Ananda Ganepola, several PS members, Biyagama Police OIC D.H.S.A. Karunaratna, the grama niladhari of the area and several others participated in the meeting.


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