Anuradhapura GA takes measures to ensure peace | Daily News

Anuradhapura GA takes measures to ensure peace

In view of the recent conflict in the Kandy district, precautionary steps are being taken to prevent any such untoward incident in the Anuradhapura district, Anuradhapura Government Agent R.M. Wanninayaka told the Daily News.

He said that a meeting of religious leaders was being summoned to get their fullest cooperation to thwart any potential conflict. A programme with the participation of religious leaders, OICs and members of all social welfare and development societies at divisional level is being organized, in this regard.

“We have identified Nachchaduwa new town and village, Galnewa town, Kekirawa, Ganewelpola and Maradankadawala, Nochchiyagama town and the three townships of Horowpothana, Medawachchiya and Kahatagasdigiliya for attention. All divisional secretaries have been instructed to maintain regular communication with me and other relevant authorities in updating the day-to-day situation,” Wanninayake said.


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