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‘Govt has created present conflict’

National Freedom Front Parliamentarian Jayantha Samaraweera yesterday said that the country is now moving towards political uncertainty .The MP charged that the government has created the background for this Sinhala-Muslim conflict in order to put all conflicts within the government under the carpet and also to fulfill the wishes of the Tamil diaspora, India and other Western powers.

"The death of a Sinhalese man at the hands of Muslims would not have led to anti-Muslim riots in Digana and Teldeniya in Kandy district if the police had immediately taken the assailants into custody and filed cases against them," he said.

The MP condemned the government's intervention in passing unpatriotic bills in Parliament taking advantage of the conflict situation prevailing in the country.

He charged that the Bill for protection against enforced disappearances which was passed in Parliament on Wednesday will betray the war heroes of the country. “People of this country should not let the government put these unpatriotic bills into practice.”

MP Samaraweera further asked the police to reveal the real culprits behind the issue of the Muslim-run hotel in Ampara which was alleged to have served food mixed with a contraceptive pill and he further asked the government to reveal the name of the government politician behind this issue.


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