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Journalist group calls for law and order

The Sri Lankan Journalists for Global Justice (SLJGJ) strongly condemned the violence targeting Muslims in areas around Kandy and asked the government to arrest those responsible.

Addressing a press conference on Thursday, they stated that the mobs exhibited a “racist, communalist character.” SLJGJ President and former Editor – in – Chief of the Daily News Jayatilleke de Silva said that “no self-respecting person should approve of the conduct of the mob.”

He said such attacks on minorities are sadly common.

“If you go through the history of this country, you see that similar incidents have taken place prior to the 1983 riots,” he said. “Since no action was taken against the perpetrators, it blew up into a war … we do not want the same to be repeated again.”

Latheef Farook, a journalist who has relatives in the affected area, said that before the mob attacks “Digana was one of the most peaceful places in the country.”

“(But) outside elements came in to attack,” he said. “The main failure here is one of law and order.”

He said the presence of monks known to associate with radical groups at a local funeral over the weekend should have triggered a stronger police presence. The ensuing violence damages the whole country, he said.


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