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Vogue’s Fashion innovation

Continuing its legacy, Vogue Jewellers brings its customers a host of innovative fashion icons of lasting value. Going beyond mere fashion, this eclectic mix of world-class masterpieces promises a unique sense of sophistication that embodies innovation, customisation and luxury.

Among the highlights of these masterpieces is the two-in-one Vogue Magic Ball Pendent with a Australian South Sea Pearl nestled among the finest quality Black Diamonds. Amazingly, with a mere snap you can transform the surround petal like bands to white Diamonds, thus creating a magical sensation.

Similarly, the Vogue Illuminated Earrings that literally light up, make the heads turn at any occasion. A true connoisseur’s choice, this marvel was first introduced by the late Chairman, Sarath Hemachandra in the sixties, and as with many of Vogue creations, they can be worn in any era and handed down to the next generation with confidence and pride. Today, these much revered Illuminated Earrings of timeless value have evolved with the latest technology.

If your choice is absolutely one-of-its-kind masterpiece that is futuristic and versatile by design, the 5 in 1 Vogue Planetary Alignment adornment is just for you. Inspired by the rare natural phenomenon – the alignment of six planets can be worn as a necklace with the pendent ; a bracelet, a chocker or just as a lasso aligning the six planets in a straight line resulting in the rare astronomical planetary arrangement called, ‘Six aligned Planet’.

The introduction of Vogue Tusker Collection created history in Sri Lanka as it was the first 22 karat branded jewellery collection in the island. This unique collection was especially created for the woman who seeks bold, perpetual style, fashion and above all. These solid creations are handcrafted to add a greater sense of sophistication distinguishing the wearer from all the rest. Thus, this collection of magnificent necklaces and broad bangles bearing the timeless classic value brings the added advantage of a sound investment and becoming a part of the family treasures that will be handed down to the next generation.

Futuristic Vogue Wind Turbine two-in-one pendent cum ring is another indigenous masterpiece that embodies fashion and innovation by the legendary Vogue Jewellers. This first prize winner at the Dubai International Jewellery Exhibition 2013, was inspired by a wind turbine, one of the most promising sources of energy in the future. This sleek two-in-one is made of white gold and the appearance of the energy panels is very aesthetically created with encrusted Diamonds.

Every item of jewellery by Vogue comes with a lifetime guarantee and they are handcrafted using the finest quality raw material. Only the truly natural precious gems are used for Vogue creations. Each item undergoes a rigorous series of tests conducted by extensively experienced and qualified team of professionals before reaching a customer. For nearly six decades, Vogue – Sri Lanka’s most awarded jeweller has consistently heightened its standards of design, craftsmanship, quality guarantee and customer service, creating new waves in the local and global arenas. This virtue has made fashion innovation, impeccable craftsmanship, pristine quality and unparalleled customer service synonymous with Vogue, earning the confidence of its customers, generation after generation.

These high standards Vogue maintains has earned the coveted ISO 9001:2015 certificate, becoming the world’s first jeweller to be certified so.

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