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‘Red Bull Tuk It’ returns

Red Bull brings back ‘Red Bull Tuk It 2018’scheduled for the April 7 and 8 starting from the busy city ofKaluaggala to the picturesque beach town of Negombo,the event is designed to push participants to overcome exciting challenges, enjoy the thrills of rallying and most of all have fun!

“Red Bull Tukits activities and event course is guaranteed to prove an amazingly thrilling experienceto the participants. Not necessarily physical, but by accomplishing tasks which are a combination of active adventure, getting to grips with tasks of local traditions and then the ultimate satisfaction of reaching the end brings the essence of what the project is about” Red Bull Tuk It, Race Director, Sean Hameed said. “Red Bull Tuk It will be done entirely in the tuk-tuk driven by your team and will be packed with excitement,” he noted.

This year’s competition will begin on April 7 from 10am onwards where teams will be judged on the creativity and design of both their team and tuk-tuk. For the first stage, all the teams will be put through an obstacle course designed to test their skill and teamwork. The second stage, which will start at 10 pm will take the teams through an exhausting yet memorabletrip across multiple towns, villages and paths that are off the beaten track to test their mettle. The event will conclude in Negombo on April 8.

Thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies who love to challenge the odds in their tuk-tuks, can register by visiting www.RedBullTukIt.com.


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