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Royal Thai at Cinnamon Lakeside

Thai food is a firm favourite with foodies and connoisseurs the world over. Cinnamon Lakeside’s Royal Thai offers the best to Lankan diners and those visiting the island who lookout for authentic Thai cuisine.

Two daring chefs, B. Sabpong specialized in traditional Thai cooking and S. Moonpen whose wok food preparations are out of this world, preside over the Royal Thai kitchen.Together they concoct experimental Thai food combining heady spices and herbs designed to punctuate the taste buds. Some specials include Som Tum Mung Sa Vi Rat (a raw papaya salad, sprinkled with peanuts), Choo Chee Goong (prawns in homemade chilli paste) and PlaMuekThodGrob Sauce PrikPhao (crispy fried cuttlefish infused with a special Thai chilli sauce). These authentic meals are served in an authentic regal Thai setting, just as the restaurant’s name suggests. From the face towels a diner gets on arrival to the interiors and the plating of each dish, the entire Royal Thai experience is designed to create a meal fit for a king and queen.

Thai Select programme has given Cinnamon Lakeside’s fine-dining Thai food venue an ‘Authentic Thai Cuisine’ certification. The programme run by the Department of International Trade Promotion of the Thai Government’s Ministry of Commerce aims to identify and reward those creating genuine cuisine experiences from Thailand elsewhere in the world. It serves as a seal of approval from highest possible authority on Thai food.


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