SriLankan Aviation College invests Rs 47 mn in new building complex | Daily News

SriLankan Aviation College invests Rs 47 mn in new building complex

To commission franchise office in the Maldives:
Primal De Silva
Primal De Silva

SriLankan Aviation College is planning to open a franchise office in the Maldives this year, SriLankan Aviation College General Manager, Primal De Silva said.

“We want to promote our aviation college and to enroll more students to the college. In Maldives the students can do the theory and for practicals they have to come Sri Lanka. We have invested Rs 47 million for the new aviation college building in Katunayake and the equipment. Last year the net profit was US$1.5 million and this year we are expecting about US$1 million,” he said.

“We do train foreign airline staff because they can see clearly the quality that we offer. In two years time we are going to be on a top position in the world and our aviation college’s aircraft maintenance side is going to be world class,” he said.

SriLankan Aviation College is positioned to become the hub of high quality professional aviation training in Sri Lanka and the region. We offer a comprehensive range of structured training programmes and courses for all aviation personnel in the industry, he added.

SriLankan Aviation College opens up a world of opportunities for the ambitious youth to take their first step towards an exciting career in aviation.


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