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Intellectuals, come forward to save Sri Lanka

It is saddening to see that our beloved motherland is at the doorstep of the abyss. Present day politicians - whatever the party they represent - cannot save us from the grave we are heading for. We have seen the performance of the two major political parties who have been ruling us since Independence.

They have failed miserably to deliver the goods other than fending for themselves and their kith and kin. We cannot trust any of them anymore. Now somebody has to come forward before we plunge ourselves into the dungeon of no return to save the country and the people.

I beg to the intellectual and professional elite of the country to come forward and take this challenge at this eleventh hour and form an organisation led by a group of highly qualified individuals.

The present day politicians should be kept out from playing any leading roles. To become a parliamentarian, a candidate should have at least a recognised university degree or an acceptable professional qualification as they are going to be the lawmakers of the country. I hope those who love our motherland will see the grave situation we are in for and take serious note of this earnest request. They must get themselves organised now itself and get ready to form a government consisting of suitably qualified individuals (Singapore style) at the next parliamentary elections.

There is no other way for the forward march for us. I am sure the private sector organisations will not hesitate to come forward for financial assistance. By remaining deaf, dumb and blind you will be digging your own graves.

Don Abeyaratne


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