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Two policemen acquitted of bribery charges after 10 years

Two Police Constables who had been charged for soliciting a bribe of Rs.50,000 from an individual to facilitate a bail application for his sister were acquitted and released from the case by Colombo High Court.

After ten years from the date of commencement of the case, High Court Judge Nissanka Bandula Karunarathne acquitted both accused on all counts. Among the reasons delivered by the judge stated prosecution evidence were not collaborated by the witness.

The two accused, Peduruhewa Nalinda and D.M.Wimalasingha were indicted for soliciting a some of Rs.50,000 on or about 07/01/2006 from W.K.Susil Ranjith to facilitate bail application for W.K.Sumithra Padmakanthi (sister of complainant Susil Ranjith) who was suspected of three cheating cases where the said two accused who were investigating into the alleged cheating charges.

W.K.Sumithra Padmakanthi was arrested on 31/12/2005 by the two accused and produced before the Colombo Magistrate.

The said Susil Ranjith made a complaint to Bribery Commission Department on 08/01/2006 on the allegation of solicitation of Rupees 50,000 to grant bail to his sister Sumithra Padmakanthi in Court. But in his evidence, he mentioned in court that the first accused accepted Rupees 50,000 and bribery officers arrested him. But there was no charge in the indictment for acceptance of Rs.50,000.

Sumithra Padmakanthi’s evidence was totally different to her brother.

In her evidence she said these two accused officers did not ask for any bribe. But in her evidence on 13/06/2012 said, since there were cheating charges against her, she has requested her brother to bring Rupees 100,000 to pay as lawyers’ fee.

Therefore, she asked her brother to bring money to pay the lawyers’ fee. So it was clear in her evidence these two officers never solicited any money to grant her bail, as a bribe.

Senior counsel Lal Kularathna with Gayathri Wijesooriya and Thilina Kollure defended both accused.

Assistant Director General Asitha Anthony prosecuted for the Bribery Commission. 


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