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Consultant Gynaecologist debunks claims about “sterilization pill”

There is no “sterilization pill” invented in the world that could make a woman or man infertile by one intake, GMOA Vice President and Consultant Gynaecologist at the National Cancer Institute, Maharagama Dr. Sarada Kannangara said.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, he said fear mongering over mixing sterilizing drugs with food has no scientific base and brushed aside the claims as a canard. At the same time he pointed out that there are much bigger issues people need to worry about, such as the food they consume when it comes to human fertility.

“Heavy metals such as Cadmium, Mercury etc., are risk factors for infertility. It has been researched that the continual exposure to such heavy metals can cause reproductive problems. It has been found out that, plastic water bottles (BPA) can cause infertility in males and if the bottles are exposed to the sun the risk is higher. Various food additives and substances added to artificial food, soft drinks and various types of sauce are also risk factors to infertility. Not only infertility, they can also carry abortion risks. These are serious matters people need to pay attention to and correct their food patterns,” he commented.

“Besides that, there is no ‘pill’ which could make you barren tomorrow by mixing with the food you take today,” he explained.


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Point Taken. Now my point is if a person or group of persons have used such pills with food parcels then that is malicious intentions and should be dealt accordingly as the sole objective is harm a selected group of human of Human beings(Sinhalese and Tamils). It is similar to throwing a grande at a person but it was a faulty grande. Even if the person was not dead or hurt still it is act of crime and dealt as attempted murder. In the case of using this pills too consider as attempted crime and dealt accordingly. Also it must dealt in a such a way every one who was involved with inhuman actions should be brought to books even if there are doctors who are involved. Otherwise we will never be able to create a crimes free society.

It is not important whether sterilization occurs 'by one intake' or not. It is important whether someone has used any chemical with the intention of sterilizing another person. There is evidence that the parctice was known to people for sometime. I found many 'tablets with such sterilizing ability' listed in the internet; therefore any medical practitioner trying to defend the offenders have to be very careful of what they say.

Consultant need to brush up his knowledge.

Finally a professional speaks. If a women takes only one pill to avoid getting pregnant then she will find out the truth in a hard way. Please educate the public, at least the idiots who started the riot in Ampara.


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