Fifty percent of oranges, apples and grapes contain pesticides | Daily News

Fifty percent of oranges, apples and grapes contain pesticides

Tests carried out by the Government Analyst’s Department had revealed that 50 percent of the test samples of oranges, apples and grapes collected from the local market contained pesticides.

Department Director General A. Weliangage said these three types of fruit contained a pesticide known as ‘Chlorpyrifos’.

About 30 percent of the grape samples tested had contained an insecticide known as ‘Profenofos.’

Public Health Inspectors collected the above fruit samples from markets at various places in the country and sent them to the Government Analyst’s Department for tests. The Department has conveyed the results of the tests to the PHIs.




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I worked as an environmental scientist in State of California. I tested produce routinely for pesticide residues. In California, any produce that contains pesticide above allowable limit is removed from market place immediately. That is the law. Chlophyriphos (organo phosphate) is banned in California on produce due to toxicity to children.


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