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President’s cabinet paper approved:

More powers for Bribery Commission to prosecute

Cabinet approval has been granted to empower the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC) to file cases based on facts revealed by the Commissions of Inquiry.

Co-Cabinet Spokesman and Health and Indigenous Medicine Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said the decision to transfer the power of filing cases based on facts revealed by the Commissions of Inquiry to the Bribery Commission was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on Tuesday. Accordingly, Director General of the Bribery Commission will be given the power to file cases under the Bribery Act or Declaration of Assets and Liabilities Law based on the findings of Commissions of Inquiry appointed by the President.

The Legal Draftsman has drafted legislation to amend the Commissions of Inquiry Act No. 17 of 1948 to allow the CIABOC to file cases based on the investigations and facts revealed by the Commissions of Inquiry.

 The Attorney General has informed that the amendment Bill has to be passed by a 2/3 majority in Parliament.

The Cabinet paper submitted by President Maithripala Sirisena seeking to publish the bill in the Gazette and subsequently present it to Parliament. This proposal received the Cabinet approval. Minister Senaratne said that the above amendment to the bill will quicken the process of taking legal action against the wrongdoers.

He assured that the above measure was taken to hear the cases soon and punish the perpetrators involved. According to the Act, the President can appoint Commissions of Inquiry, whenever it appears to him that an investigation or inquiry or both is necessary on the administration, management and functions of any Government institution or the conduct of any public officer. Presidential Commissions of Inquiries can be appointed on any matter relating to the national interest of the public safety or well-being as decided by the President.


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Hi Minister, Can you strengthen the Bribery Commision to catch the big fish instead of the small fry? So far you or your Yahapalana strange coalition work is appalling. At this rate, you will have to find refuge in another country after the next general elections.

The Commission of Inquiry and CIABOC are great if they will truly function and act without discrimination. Health Minister must be aware of what's going on under his very sphere of activity. Why does the GMOA mafia suddenly want to send SAITM students to Nizhny Russia when SAITM owner publicly thanked Prez, for sending them to KDU. What connects NF and his CEO with this TWIN MEDICAL COURSE set found in SLMC with some job agents names in Sinhala dailies. Nobody will believe this is for patient care as any students returning after such course will have ERPM mafia examining them for 85% failure rate. These unsuspecting students who enrolled for govt. local MBBS, will be deceived as being later SLMC approved on illegal twin program, reality being 15% pass rate. Bribery Commission must send to CIABOC so that corruption disaster not spread to all SLMC body

Undoubtedly,there seems to be a conspiracy to reprieve these corrupt mongrels from imprisonment. Someone smart must act fast to get to the bottom of this racket and squash it. The accused are confident,arrogant and have the audacity to address the Police, 'that they will fix them when they get back to power using scaremongering tactics.'

Surely Health Minister cant be blind to the GMOA struggle to force send some SAITM students to Russia with SAITM owner, CEO, Job agents, SLMC Twin Course with 5 fold offerings to AP. Minister to hand over to FCID to add to contempt of court of AP. All struggle to fleece clueless students with illegal degree giving false hope. President has ordered SAITM transfer to KDU recommended earlier by GMOA. There cant be any discrimination amongst this ONE CLASS who have been passing medical exams. together and need to complete now and not restart their 10 years. Such money crazy insanity in GMOA/SLMC is dangerous patient care. Over to you Health Minister.

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