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Suicide feigned to avoid arrest

Minuwangoda Police who went to a man’s house to arrest him, found him hanging from a wooden beam, Biyagama Police said.

The suspect, who was wanted in connection with financial fraud and other criminal activities, was then rescued and admitted to the Biyagama Hospital by police. Police believe he feigned suicide to avoid arrest.

They said that Minuwangoda Police had come to the suspect’s house in Samagi Mawatha, Biyagama, last Thursday (22) night to arrest him. Despite several requests by police to open the door, the inmates had refused to open it. Then the police, through the hole above the window, had seen the suspect being hung.

Biyagama Police OIC K.W Wijethilaka and Crime OIC K. Premalal after being informed of this by Minuwangoda Police officers, rushed to the house and got the door opened with the assistance of a close relative of the suspect.

From the Biyagama hospital the suspect was taken to the Colombo National Hospital.


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