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‘SLMC’s victory will strengthen Puttalam people’

“The victory of the SLMC at the last Local Council election is the victory of Puttalam people.

"It saved our people’s self-respect too, SLMC candidate for Puttalam Urban Council election and former Puttalam Urban Council former Chairman and former Deputy Minister K.A.Baiz said.

He was addressing his supporters in Puttalam recently.

“We contested with the Tree symbol, and received 8,336 votes.

“Our opposition parties, the UNP and the ACMC, combined and contested and received only 8,754 votes with 3,000 votes from the Sinhalese, minority inside Puttalam Urban Council border. Though the number of seats is similar to that of the SLMC and the opposition party, we have won seven of the 11 zones. The majority of Puttalam people selected us and we thank the God for the great victory," he said.

“Those who voted for us understood the present political situation. We express our sincere gratitude to them. Ulamas, our elders, mothers, brothers, sisters, youth and students prayed and observed fasting for our victory," he said.


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