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Japanese volunteers for grassroots development

The Japanese volunteers with Sri Lankan officials at the ERD.
The Japanese volunteers with Sri Lankan officials at the ERD.

Five Japanese young adults recently arrived in Sri Lanka to provide their expertise to public institutions in the country, as a part of JICA’s Volunteer Dispatch Program.

The Japanese volunteers were introduced to their host organizations at a ceremony on February 15, held at the Department of External Resources (ERD). Officials from the ERD, JICA and the volunteers’ host organizations were present.

The volunteers expressed their determination to carry out the two-year assignment. They will interact with their Sri Lankan colleagues in the Sinhala language.

Two volunteers will work in environmental education - on waste management awareness at household, school and institutional level for the Colombo and Dehiwala-Mt. Lavinia municipal councils. One volunteer will support the non-communicable disease prevention programme at the Dehiovita MOH Office.

Two others will work for the Ministry of Education’s Sports and Physical Education Programme in Deniyaya and Bandarawela. Since the inception of JICA’s Volunteer Dispatch Program in Sri Lanka in 1981, a total 1,131 volunteers have worked in Sri Lanka and their contribution towards development activities at grassroot level has been greatly valued by the organizations that have received their services. Currently there are 81 volunteers working in various parts of the country. 


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