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MR cannot subvert Constitution based on LG polls outcome - Sampanthan

The Constitution and laws of this country cannot be subverted by claiming benefits of the Local Government elections to his advantage in the way that Mahinda Rajapaksa pleases, Opposition Leader R.Sampanthan said in Parliament yesterday.

The Opposition Leader was speaking at the Special Adjournment Debate on the current political situation in the country. Refering to the political campaigning of the LG elections,

Sampanthan said he was quite alarmed that very early in the campaign, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the course of an election rally said the election results would result in Tamil Eelam blooming.

“The reason he gave was that the new Constitution being framed might result in that happening. Ever since the 13th Amendment was enacted in 1987-88, there had been continued efforts on the parts of various Presidents and Governments to include the 13th Amendment in such a manner to bring about a political resolution acceptable to all the citizens of this country,”Sampanthan said. “Even when former President Mahinda Rajapaksa assumed office, if he recalls his speech he made at the inaugural meeting, he spoke of maximum devolution of power and appointed Expert Committees that came up with reports, including the Tissa Vitharana Committee that came up with their own report which took the Constitutional proposals much beyond the 13th Amendment. Having agreed at that time, now he says Eelam is likely to bloom if the people are not careful at the Local Government elections,” the Opoosition Leader said.

He said this misleading concept was planted in the minds of the innocent village people and they were told this is a referendum for Eelam.

“This is what was told to the people in the south in order to gain their votes in his favour, which is very unfortunate,” he said noting that the TNA in their manifesto talked of an undivided single country and no campaign in the North or East talked of any division of the country, but only spoke of a solution that is acceptable to the Tamil people,” Sampanthan said.

Sampanthan said the people have delivered a verdict and in the name of democracy, the people’s verdict should be respected.

“The Podujana Peramuna polled 44.69% of the votes cast at the elections. The UNP 32.61%, the UPFA 8.90% and the SLFP polled 4.48%. If one was to add the votes of the UNP, the UPFA and the SLFP it adds up to 45.99%. The JVP polled 4.32% and the ITAK polled 4.07%. If those two party’s polls were to be added too the combined votes of all these parties would add to 55.31%.”

“The vote the former President polled at the Presidential election in 2015 is more than what he has polled now,” Sampanthan said.

“There have been three elections in recent times, but in none of these elections has the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa been able to obtain over 50%. Therefore, there is nothing to get excited about,” adding that the Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna had received just 44.69% in favour of Rajapaksa as opposed to 55.31% of polls against him,” Sampanthan added. 


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Sampanthan is a staunch LTTE supporter and not qualified in Law to describe the Constitution. Lg polls or the Parliamentary elections it is the whole people of Sri Lanka that votes. Here a great majority of the people has voted for the party led by Mr. Rajapaksa. Rajapaksa is not changing the Constituion but expressing the Majority peoples choice that rejected the SLFP led by President Sirisena a staunch communist

Sampan than is in politics for years. His knowledge of law government affairs is above most who are in parliament while may be there but there knowledge of law etc is well below par. There is legal consftitution written by agreement moral constitution what is right and wrong based on social philosophy human relations social constitution based on respect trust corporation kindness to one another


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