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Captain wanted in gang rape case of nurse arrested

The Captain of the Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police, wanted in connection with the gang rape incident involving a nurse of a private hospital, was arrested on Wednesday by Narahenpita Police.

The suspect, J. M. A. K. Jayawardena, was attached to the Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police camp in Thaladi, Mannar. He was produced before the Aluthkade No. 03 Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Previously, several persons, including the lover of the nurse who was raped multiple times, a 37-year-old Captain (Doctor) of the Army Medical Corps, the driver Lance Corporal, and an engineer from Moratuwa were arrested on February 11 in connection with this incident.

They were produced in court and remanded until February 16. The incident was reported to Narahenpita Police on February 6. It is reported that the suspect arrested yesterday had joined the Army in 2009 and had been highly addicted to cannabis.

Narahenpita Police had notified him, through the Army Headquarters to report to the police station, and had arrested him there.

It is also learnt that the police had found an instrument used to inhale cannabis, an artificial sex object and commercial drugs, during their search of his room.

Meanwhile, the Army doctor who was attached to the Army hospital in Narahenpita, had been involved with the nurse, who he had met while engaging in private practice at the private hospital she was working.

The said army doctor is a married man and father of two, but had hidden this information from her and pretended to be single.

He had also promised to marry her. However, he had gone overseas on a scholarship and during his absence, the nurse had learnt of his real details and his marriage.

Having heard of his marriage and children, she had decided to end the relationship and had even rejected his calls thereafter.

The doctor had subsequently returned to the country on vacation and had gone looking for her to the hospital and had promised her that he would leave his wife and marry her.

Later, he had convinced her to go out with him and had taken her to a lonely house in the Nittambuwa area. He had forced her to consume liquor, smoke cannabis and had raped her.

The army doctor had then allowed his driver, the Lance Corporal to rape her as well and recorded the incident on his phone.

He had then threatened the nurse and said he would kill her and burn her if she revealed anything that had taken place that day to anyone.

On another day, he had taken her to a house belonging to an engineer and in the same manner drugged her and raped her and subsequently allowed the engineer and two other lance corporals to rape her as well and he had videoed the rape.

Later, he had emailed the nude photographs of the nurse to the hospital email. The nurse had then complained to the police.

Acting on the complaint, the police had commenced investigations and arrested the army doctor and the two drivers. Upon inspecting the residence of the doctor, police had found two mobile phones that contained the video footage of the rape. The nurse had been subjected to a medical examination to confirm that she had been severely sexually abused.

Further investigations are currently underway.

Meanwhile, speaking to the Daily News, Military Spokesman Brigadier Sumith Atapattu said the army would cooperate with the police in their investigations. However, he said a military inquiry was also underway regarding this incident.

He noted that as the police investigations had warranted the arrest of the army doctor and corporal, they stand temporarily interdicted from the army.

However, he said the military investigation will determine the future action required to be taken with regard to the military personnel.

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