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Clifford Cup k/o – CR-CH not for weak hearts

All hail the islands rugby league, the Dialog premier competition, signed sealed, Kandy triumphant, and fully delivered for 2018.

It has been a journey of significant consequence when you consider the quality dictates that kept it all fair and TMO friendly from November ...perhaps a quick trip to across the English channel, might give Welsh fans a beneficial boost in the arm?

Coach Jones, more than content to claim it for the boys ..and simply move to the next was a remarkable let off and impossible to imagine, given technology and margin for human error?

Wales stunned England and the 1000s of fans...showing how big their hearts for world class delivery.

For us islanders, it was pretty much done and Kandy dusted 3-weeks ago, but still a supercharged finish against Havelocks.....The match was predictable, and true to form ...a 2nd half step which shocked fans and the lions front row.

Farzil amiable Marija signing off his 15 years of pain and dedication, with a 3-try blitz that had the crowd in a frenzy.

A perfect script for his impressive time at school, club, country and Asian rugby.

Best wishes from all rugby islanders for his next step.

Havelocks falling two points short and CR losing in the last min is massive news for the Clifford Cup knockouts....Lady Clifford less nervous about the weather, and well set for more intense sentiment, in the middle.....

CR v CH will be all or nothing, and a tantalising opportunity for both sets of Colombo 7 warriors to stamp their class and claim their time in’s nothing short of gut wrenching and absolutely no love lost at all.

Patience and skill will be tested to the core ...Ratwatte ready for all sorts and able to inspire his backs to deliver, Omalka hopefully injury free and hungrier for impact and yards, skipper Kavindu able to lead by example and ignite the grandstand at Racecourse’s billed as a thriller and medical advice for weak hearts not to attend?

CH are equally hungry, having gifted generously in both rounds, find themselves staring down the barrel ...No Russian roulette rugby fans ..this is bite the bullet on demand, and full on for this competition.

Keys to a decent essay is between the back row graft team of Sasanka, Yoshita, and Muthutanthri....The more they win the breakdowns, the more they hand Keegal, Herath, Weerakoon, Lee, and boots Samuel, good ball for gains up the park, worries for Saranga all behind and back to his lethal best.

Rugby fans ...prepare the mind for pressure and kit up for the red and stripes quarters mind racing and pounding at the thought ..12 years of running against the Longdon Place lot has never been straightforward...always guts and courage to survive the battle and sharp wit to hit them hard, but essential to dominate in the loose and outwit them with open play impressive list of forwards from both sides ..will well remember the thick Wintegeno air in the dressing room and the taste of adrenaline as we run out.

If you are the betting sort ...feel free to have a flutter and confuse the experts ...this is down to old fashioned blood and guts ...blessings for a scorcher that rips into all we consider normal and fair.

Let's the warriors prevail...!

Navy v Police is a big step for our boys in blue is Air Force v Kandy at Nittawela.

Havelocks v Army will be a tester and down to the last quarter ..if all upfront is control by for Dulaj, Dabere, Nishon, Herath and Hasantha...fair.

But can Sharo be his lethal self to contest and rip balls for turnovers...or will he end up giving penalties away for lack of discipline? …your guess is as good if not better than mine ...but history does not favour our ex Peter’s back row Fernando, to hold his nerve and that extra yard or gesture of need ..?

Let's wish him patience and wisdom around the park, it’s going to be Havelcks skills v Army fitness and power.

The quarter finals are upon us ...All courage and pace under pressure to all the boys fit and ready to satisfy Lady Clifford’s grand design and mesmerize islanders rugby hearts to echo faster’s all or nothing and everything on the day ...step up step strong and may skills be the dictate from start to finish.

Adrenaline faithful, check your reserve and breathe bigger’s the only way to survive.

All hail the islanders and little fuss about form...

Enjoy max weekends...

Bula Bula Sri api....


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