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‘Poll results, a blessing in disguise for UNP’

The local government (LG) election results should be considered a blessing in disguise for the United National Party (UNP), the Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya (JSS) said yesterday.

More than 3.6 million have directly voted for the UNP and a total of over 55 percent of the voters had collectively voted against the former Rajapaksa regime and its family bandyism, the press release said.

The release signed by JSS General Secretary and Parliamentarian Sirinal de Mel further said only about 3.6 million out of the 6.2 million who contributed for the 2015 January 8 victory had voted for the UNP this time, due to some failures and prevarications on the part of the party. Among them were the failure to bring culprits of the Rajapaksa regime before the law and punish them, non-availability of fertilizer for farmers in due time, breakdown of the distribution of fuel, failure to do justice to 33,000 party supporters subjected to political victimization, non-availability of employment opportunities for members of UNP supporters’ families for the past 20 years, pruning of Samurdhi benefits.

These factors made many party supporters to boycott the elections. Another factor is that UNP supporters who suffered inconvenience for 20 years had to languish in the same plight for another three years under the Yahapalana government concept.

The people’s verdict, however, proved that only the UNP was capable of steering the country towards accelerated development.

Therefore, all parliamentarians, including those in the opposition, should join hands to set up a UNP-led government for which the JSS would lend its unstinting support.


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