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‘ReeBonn Fairness Body Lotion’ introduces to Lankan market

ReeBonn Cosmetics, a pioneering herbal cosmetic company operating in Sri Lanka unveiled its latest product, ‘ReeBonn Fairness Body Lotion’ that gives a bright, soft and glowing skin to the users. The product has special attributes that give the whole body this bright and glowing effect.

‘ReeBonn Fairness Body Lotion’ is rich with herbal essence, vitamins E and B with many more ingredients that protect the skin from ultra violet rays and gives the triple effect of brightness, softness and the glow.

Significance is the ability of the product to offer the same glowing nature it gives to the face, to the whole body of the user.

A rare herbal and fruit essence that goes into making of ‘ReeBonn Fairness Body Lotion’ helps maintain the skin’s wetness throughout the day. Hence this product is ideal for women who spend major part of their day outdoors and complain that the glow they try to maintain in their faces is not absorbed by the body. Since the ‘ReeBonn Fairness Body Lotion’ is not thick and sticky, this product with a pleasant fragrance could be applied by women and stay outdoors throughout the day without any hassle and uneasiness.

ReeBonn Cosmetics has already bestowed Sri Lankans with an array of world class cosmetics that enhance women’s beauty, their skin tones and growth of hair and sustain these effects.

ReeBonn Cosmetics Managing Director S. Sivarajah speaking at the launch of ‘ReeBonn Fairness Body Lotion’ to the Sri Lankan market, said that ReeBonn Company produces and introduces cosmetics, by taking into consideration climatic and weather conditions in the country and after doing a thorough research in regard to skin and hair conditions of Sri Lankan women.

“Our company keeps trust only on Ayurvedic herbal and fruit essences that enhances beauty. Since ours is a tropical country, Sri Lankan women do not harp on cosmetics produced in European countries. They often request from us of products that give answers to their cosmetic problems. ‘ReeBonn Fairness Body Lotion’ was an answer to their query, as to how to get the glow in their faces to the whole body. Exposing themselves to heavy sunlight causes burning of the sensitive skin and ReeBonn Fairness Body Lotion is the remedy for this.”

Commissioned in 2005 ReeBonn Cosmetics manufactures a wide range of herbal cosmetics which are in heavy demand locally and internationally. Among its herbal products are; Shampoo, Silicon Conditioner, Rinsing conditioner, Black henna, Face wash, Fairness cream, Body soap and Hand wash liquids. ReeBonn cosmetics are exported to Japan, India, Middle East and Maldives.


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