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To combat fraud, corruption

Coordinating Secretaries to the President, Rajika Kodituwakku and A. N. R. Ameratunge. Picture by Saman Sri Wedage
Coordinating Secretaries to the President, Rajika Kodituwakku and A. N. R. Ameratunge. Picture by Saman Sri Wedage

The Presidential Secretariat has made arrangements to implement a wide people’s programme to combat bribery, corruption, fraud, malpractices and waste in the country.

The programme launched under the direct intervention of the President in keeping with an election pledge made during the 2015 Presidential Election, will function under the centre for combating corruption, bribery, fraud, malpractices and waste set up at the Presidential Secretariat.

Accordingly, anyone has the freedom to make a complaint at this centre against any act of corruption, bribery, fraud, malpractice or waste committed anywhere in the country.The centre will take action to bring anyone responsible for such acts before courts within three months of receiving the complaint.

So far 40 complaints have been received at this centre and the period of entertaining complaints will end on March 1.

A press conference to create awareness about this programme was held at the Government Information Department yesterday. Speaking on the occasion Co-ordinating Secretary to the President Rajika Kodituwakku said attention would be drawn towards extending the date of entertaining complaints depending on the manner complaints were received. All complaints should be made to telephone numbers 0764654600 or 0775770882, fax 0112431502 or email address [email protected]

Any one can make an anonymous complaint to this centre regarding any act of fraud, or corruption committed in a state institution or an individual.

Complaints will be examined through officers of the Presidential Investigations Office to establish their veracity and validity and thereafter forward them to the Attorney General’s Department for legal action. The President will make direct involvement to ensure that quick legal action is taken on such matters.

Co-ordinating Secretary to the President, A. N. R. Ameratunge said this exercise would ensure that people engaged in fraud and corruption are quickly brought to book. The programme is aimed to build an extensive political and social culture, empower the administrative system, streamline the legal system and institutions involved in the administration of justice.

He said the Presidents sole endeavour is to build a Sri Lanka free of fraud, corruption and waste. Although this centre had no legal powers the President would intervene directly to ensure that legal action is taken against culprits involved in such misdeeds. 


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Good idea. But first pleas ensure that the huge frauds, bribery, corruptions that were committed during the last regime are quickly heard irrespective of the person concerned and justice done for the people to see. Start with the Rajapakses, and then people others who have been accused are brought to justice and locked up in prison and not the prison hospital. Then only the people willo believe you. Legislation to be quickly brought where Mahinda Rajapakse and his family members do not get hold of our country and its resources ever again.MR should not be allowed to contest and any recommendatios given in the PRECIFAC report shouls be iplemented soon so that the people can see what has happened. This has to be done quickly and neew legislation brought so that civic right of any person found to be guildty as recommended by the PRECIFAC commission should be quickly implemented so that the cases now to be heard where investigations are completed should be quickly heard in the 3 new courts and the people to know that at last yourelection promises have been fulfilled. You lost the election to the LG bodies because this was not done as promised. How ever if SLPP comes to pers it will be like " Kehi geniwa elawala hoty geni gaththa " wage weda. Our country will never enjoy what it is enjoying after Rajapakses were kicked out. It will be back to corruption, isolation, and murders, Thajudeen cases and white vans etc. Please ensure that this does not happen.

Excellent idea of H.E, but will the officials who carry out tasks divert justice. Will the AG really take action amidst robbery and corruption plague overshadowing our nation. We perish for lack of truth, but all doing their agendas for profit. Righteous and just ACTION is not real and needs imagining. The previous comment by Satha says "How long SAITM waste" SAITM MBBS doctors with court verdict of SLMC registration are not given internship training. SLMC has no valid reason with Hospital built with student money being gifted to govt. By wrong decision of govt, it destroyed SAITM students whom they approved for UGC admission and paid full fees. This robbery is fraud, corruption, waste and death of career for innocent SAITM students moving to final MBBS where 3 batches already have MBBS and positive verdict. They are SLMC registrable, may be minute deficits like all other MBBS corrected through supervised internships. The fraud is that GMOA TU is preparing a signed document with a few gullible juniors promising KDU MBBS. When was GMOA authorized to do a Harsha type. Majority of SAITM not aware this will be presented as SLMC document to Supreme Court as SLMC main voice now is GMOA invasion. How can enlightened intellect have such manipulative twist just like Karl Marx changed the Prof. Rizvi SLMC inspection report recommendations. This time too it is Rizvi- Warnakulasuriya approval report of SLMC. I doubt if govt. knows how to deal with this except to correct their mistake and acquire SAITM with adequate compensation to students and Dr. Neville. Saying "no finances for this" is insane mockery to the wealth in SL Malabe campus of any state uni. But wait, NF abandons current students to take in foreign soon without restrictions of GMOA. Govt is responsible to intern MBBS and affiliate or absorb SAITM students and staff to state till MBBS completed before Dr. Neville completes his business venture not subject to GMOA agenda. NF has criss crossed many peoples hopeful agendas, including the legitimate students who signed up

H.E has excellent ideas and dreams but has not collected sufficient surrounders to take action. Perhaps with divorce from liberals who obstructed, he could correct the joint mistake of destroying innocent SAITM students now being desperate as thrown out of Institute by head without income. H.E has executive power to correct and rescue citizens from injustice, while a favourable judicial verdict on them is already in situ. GMOA without authority is meeting with them promising KDU. It is simple to affiliate to state uni like Prez. Premadasa did to NCMC, but GMOA is trying to erase word SAITM so head can escape contempt of court case. SAITM MBBS is a finished deal legally. Students too should get it in Malabe campus of a state uni and get internship. Dr. Neville too should be restrained by govt. in trying to do business deal with SAITM students fully paid up money, but not ensuring their future. For treachery, H.E must use executive powers to correct situation bringing him also downwards.


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