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Pakistan envoy calls for just resolution of Kashmir issue

Pakistani High Commissioner Dr. Shahid Ahmad Hashmat speaking at the seminar.
Pakistani High Commissioner Dr. Shahid Ahmad Hashmat speaking at the seminar.

The Pakistani High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Dr. Shahid Ahmad Hashmat said the long lasting peace in the region can only prevail through just and fair resolution of the Kashmir dispute in consonance with UNSC resolutions and recognition of the basic right of self-determination, enshrined in the UN Charter and universally acknowledged.

Dr. Shahid Hashmat was addressing a seminar organized by the High Commission of Pakistan in Sri Lanka recently.

The rest of the panelists who addressed the seminar were Chairman, Kashmir Study Forum Sri Lanka, Jamalud Deen, Analyst and Philanthropist from Pakistan, Air Commodore Shabbir Ahmad Khan and renowned Sri Lankan journalist and Editor International Desk of Wijeya Newspapers Ameen Izzadeen.

The High Commissioner underlined that the ongoing political struggle for freedom of Kashmir spans over last 70 years. The Kashmiris were promised their right of self-determination by the international community but the resolution of this longstanding dispute is nowhere and Kashmiris are still facing perverse aggression. He added that owing to the Kashmir dispute, the relations between Pakistan and India, two important members of SAARC, are very strained.

Dr. Shahid Hashmat emphasized that SAARC countries in particular and South Asia in general can enjoy the fruits of economic progress and development, if the political stability and peace prevails in the region and peace in the region will not be achieved until the resolution of this dispute in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The High Commissioner underscored that Pakistan is totally against all forms and manifestation of terrorism and made great sacrifices to eliminate terrorism from its soil. He added that the effort to confuse the just, fair and legitimate struggle of Kashmiris with terrorism is absolutely incorrect and unjust. He reiterated Pakistan’s unflinching support to Kashmiris until they attain their basic right of freedom and liberty. He appreciated the people of Sri Lanka for their support to the just cause of Kashmiris.

Chairman, Kashmir Study Forum Jamalud Deen urged the United Nations to play its due role in ending the gross human rights violations of innocent Kashmiris and ensure expedited UNSC Resolutions of Jammu and Kashmir dispute in line with the aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

During the occasion, Air Commodore Shabbir Ahmad Khan said that Jammu and Kashmir is the core dispute between India and Pakistan. He said the resolution of the Kashmir dispute is essential for regional peace and development.

While reading his paper, the Editor, International Desk of Wijeya Newspapers, Ameen Izzadeen said the underlying principle in any solution to the Kashmiri issue should be that it should be acceptable to the people of Kashmir on both sides of the line of control.

Major General (R) Udaya Annesly Perera moderated the seminar proceedings. He said the international community is not paying due attention to the resolution of Kashmir because it is a low intensity conflict. However, he emphasized that Kashmir dispute is a long protracted conflict and Kashmiris have suffered a lot since last 70 years. He urged from India, the UN and the international community to work in unison to find a fair and just resolution of the dispute in accordance with the UN resolutions and aspirations of Kashmiri people. 


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