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[CITIZENS' Mail - (14-02-2018)]

Tourists’ safety, a priority

It was recently reported that the Tourism Minister is to go ahead with a Digital Advertising campaign in major generating markets spending millions of rupees of valuable foreign exchange. Throwing aside the objections of launching such a campaign by the stakeholders of the industry, the travel agents and hoteliers are the main sources which fund the Tourism Development Fund. The money in this fund will be utilized for this digital advertising campaign.

Before launching such an advertising campaign, the Minister should ensure the safety of visiting tourists. One often hears of how tourists are waylaid and robbed and in certain instances even raped. We also hear of how three-wheel drivers and even bus conductors overcharge unsuspecting tourists charging double and treble the fare.

Presenting half a dozen motorcycles to the tourist police will not solve the problem of providing security for the tourists. They are fleeced from the moment they land at the BIA in Katunayake.

The Prime Minister who heads the Tourism Advisory Council should insist that Sri Lanka should be recognized as a country where tourists are saved before spending millions of rupees on advertising in whatever format.

C. Atukorala



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