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Multiple talents rolled into one

The present encomium is focussed only on one specific aspect of Media Veteran Srimath Indrajith Liyanage's multifaceted efficiencies. In stark truth, he is a rare genius of variegated talents and skills. His current publication titled as Akasmika Adaraya (Magnetic Love) is by itself high testimony to his multifarious creative incarnations.

At surface level, the present work is an anthology of lyrics when we move further through his collection. We see that it is illustrated and alluringly at that.

Range of guises

If you delve deeper, you make the pleasantly surprising discovery that the recurring romantic lover in the author himself appearing in a whole range of guises, that compressively portray, the series of appearance changes, a modern lover could go through.

His love lyrics, composed in a style of his own are enriched with due touches of philosophy that enable reflection on such eternal truths as life and death. His lyrics possess a mystic aura, that appeals to young hearts, earnestly seeking the solace of profound affection.

In effect, the Anthology offers a fresh dimension to the routine valentine spirit, by elevating the tone to greater romantic and philosophic state.

The author's style and is the adept utilization of language, to soak it with sufficient emotional content to tickle the hearts of youthful worshippers at the shrine of Valentine and what it represents, should receive the admiration of all discriminating critics.

Disciplined creativity

There is not even a trace of any concept or expression, that goes counter to accepted norms of disciplined creativity. Srimath Indrajith Liyanage's surprisingly extensive range of abilities is undoubtedly astonishing.

He makes substantial contributions via electronic media. He has acquired a fairly noteworthy reputation for his result-oriented compering of programmes. He conducts popular classes to train people in the creative professional use of the voice over and above all that, he is a painter.

Who wields the brush in his own inimitable manner. He manages events as part of his professional life.

His capacity for the composing of lyrics is amply proven.

And, that is not all.

Disciplined practice

He is a practising journalist both in print and electronic media, and is a dubbing artist, possessing a considerable demand. What I esteem above all this multitude of talents an skill is his disciplined practice of “humanity”. He possesses a built-in sense of humility and is never arrogant, aggressive or overbearing over a considerable extension period of time, he has conducted his classes.

The unfluctuating devotion of his students, speaks volumes about his humane outlook.

I wish him a blessed future, that will be illuminated by his dedication to the betterment of life of the ever-renewing young generation of this noble land.



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