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Ira Handa Weda Gedara launches ‘Aloe Koma’ herbal drink

Aloe Koma a herbal soft drink has been introduced by Ira Handa Weda Gedara.

Ira Handa Weda Gedara renowned for medicine free of toxins manufactured with the intention of producing people with a higher life expectancy rate.

Aloe Koma herbal soft drink is manufactured and certified under the International Quality Certification of ISO 9001:2015 and WHO GMP Hygiene Certification.

Aloe Koma soothes inflammation caused by gastritis in your stomach bringing about instant relief, at the same time, it is capable of mitigating adverse effects of alcohol and other beverages which can degenerate your liver.

In cases of gastritis, the ancestors and the local villagers take the aloe vera gel on an empty stomach to ease inflamation. Aloe Vera ensures natural moisture to help cherish glowing skin. Aloe Koma is available at all Ayurvedic store, Arpico, Cargils, Keells and pharmacies. 


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